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About the Departments

Practical quality management built on the “human respect” policy

- Quality management to satisfy customers
- Quality management contributing to the development of partners
- Quality management for ensuring HiM’s technology

HiM pursues practical quality management based on the “human respect” rule.  

In addition, we pursue systematic and active quality control with our quality management certificate (ISO 9001) and make our workplaces cleaner and safer with our environmental management certificate (ISO 14001). 

Our quality control team inspects the internally manufactured parts and the products received from our partners. The inspection will be carefully carried out with appropriate inspection equipment, such as a linear height gauge (contact type), a three-dimensional meter (contact type), and an optical meter (noncontact type), required for the concerned product.
During an inspection, we will carry out the work according to the given guidelines (drawing) and with sufficient understanding about “which part” to inspect, “why” it needs to be inspected, and “how important” the inspection would be for the concerned product.
When necessary, discussions and consultations will be made with partners and customers to figure out the proper actions to take.

What’s most important in this process is “respect for human.” 

It is our firm belief that human respect is the very foundation on which quality management can be built.